Structure Steel Building

Structural Steel Buildings

Pipe Racks

PIPE RACKS OR PIPE BRIDGES are structures designed and built specifically to support multiple pipes where adequate structure is not available. Pipe layout on pipe racks should follow the Pipe Planning Study concepts, which established in the preliminary engineering phase of a project.

Equipment Support Structure

Rishikesh LLP equipment supporting structures can amplify vibration levels if not correctly designed. The risk of resonance is important on metallic structures such as platforms, topsides or pipe racks. When facing such issues, Rishikesh LLP usually combines measurements with a Finite Element Model of the faulty structure.

Built-up Girders & Columns

The horizontal members or beams that connect the exterior columns are called spandrel beams. If you add additional rows of columns and beams, there is no limitation to the area of floor and roof that can be supported using skeleton construction. One limitation on using skeleton construction, however, is the distance between columns.

High-Rise Buildings

A high-rise is a tall building or structure. Buildings between 75 feet and 491 feet (23 m to 150 m) high are considered high-rises. Buildings taller than 492 feet (150 m) are classified as skyscrapers. The materials used for the structural system of high-rise buildings are reinforced concrete and steel. Most American style skyscrapers have a steel frame.

Hot Rolled Sections

We handle the entire fabrication and erection works such as the design, fabrication, supply and erection of steel structures. Steel frames are increasingly being preferred over concrete structures across the globe. This shift is largely attributed to the fact that steel structures offers tremendous flexibility in design and shape unlike rigid concrete structures. Moreover, steel occupies less floor space than traditional concrete structures and steel structures can be pre-fabricated off-site and brought ready on-site saving time.

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